Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

In 2010...

Last night I was getting ready for a party to bring in the new year with friends (which was FAB, btw), and I was thinking about 2010. I started to get sad and wonder what I had done in 2010 that was worthwhile. I couldn't think of anything. "Has my life this year been dedicated to work, alone? Haven't I spent this year doing anything meaningful beyond a paycheck?"

Then I started to think. 2010 has been pretty amazing, actually. Nothing like I would have expected. But wow. What. A. Year.

1. I exercised consistently for the entire year. This is a phenomenal achievement. I have never exercised consistently ever in my life. And here, I did it all year long.

2. I made an "It Gets Better" video that ended up getting over 50,000 views on YouTube. The video led to interviews with the LA times and the Associated Press. Now my video has been transcribed and will be published in a collection by Penguin.

3. I was a member of the committee that organized the Utah AIDS Foundation's Walk For Life. Truly rewarding.

4. I designed t-shirts for UAF, and saw tons of UAF volunteers wearing and marching in them during SLC's Gay Pride. This was my first Pride.

5. I found a new passion in making cocktails.

6. I went to Boston for a week.

7. I ran a 10k.

8. I joined the Salt Lake Men's Choir.

Yeah, 2010 was pretty much amazing. I'm so lucky.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New blog.

OK, so I have a new blog. This one will still likely exist, but the new one will be updated more frequently I'm sure.

So if you like to drink, or are interested in delicious beverages, please visit Lovely Libations.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We are the people of this bus!

Growing up, our afternoon bus driver, Lynette, would politely pull over and let cars pass our slow school bus on the long stretch of two-lane highway that led to our country homes.

Naturally, this OUTRAGED us.

I mean, our lives were important! We had after-school cartoons to watch. We had chores to do, and god-dammit, we had times tables to memorize! We were the proletariat of this society! They should be letting US pass THEM!

We were the kids who got on the bus first in the morning, and last in the afternoon. We were veritable martyrs.

We'd whisper: "She's such a terrible driver! It's not even legal to let people pass you like this! She's putting us in danger!"

Then Lynette became our morning school bus driver, too. OH THE OPPRESSION! I mean, Oh My God, she would HONK THE HORN in the morning when we weren't out waiting. How hateful.

Somehow our collective outrage never developed past pre-teen angst.

If it would have, we would have picketed, refusing to board the bus until our demands to be home earlier were met! We would not rest until the 7:15 horn remained in patient silence!

The outrage we felt was laughable. Times certainly change. So do people. So did I.

The other night I read my friend Kristen's tweet about the protest at Temple Square about Boyd K. Packer's general conference remarks. I had read his talk and was naturally upset. There was only 30 minutes left of the protest (15 minutes of which would be spent driving downtown). But I decided I needed to be there.

Twenty-five minutes later I was running through downtown. Parking was scarce because of the protest. I had parked five blocks away. My full-speed run left me breathless, but I made it.

The protest was well-attended. And for the five-minutes I was there, I was happy to be doing what I was doing. Because God-dammit, I deserve my rights. And others deserve theirs, too. And nobody deserves to grow up in an environment where they are labeled "impure and unnatural."

As some of you know, my video "It Gets Better" has gotten quite the attention. I've had over 40,000 views on YouTube. I was interviewed by the LA Times and by the Associated Press.

And you know me... I LOVED the attention. But I also loved knowing that people were (are) watching my video.

I don't know what the point of this post is (except that this has been on my mind a lot). I guess I just want to say that it's nice to be a part of something that's bigger than me. It's nice to be working toward something that I know is right. And GOD, it's great to not have to ride the school bus.

I'm still pissed about all the Duck Tales I missed, though. That shit's irreparable.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The LOVELIEST Libation

Dear HF,

OMG, I love a Gin and Tonic. There's nothing more refreshing or soothing. LOL!

I recently stumbled upon this recipe for Gin and Tonic sorbet and like, got soooo excited! ROFL!

So I made it. And now I have the recipe perfected to my own standards. And OH MY, God, have you got to try this. Of course, I just needed to double the recipe and add more gin. That's sooo me, amiright!?

So HF, thanks againsies for this fab drinkie,



2 c. simple syrup
5 c. tonic water
1 c. lime juice
1 1/2 c. gin*

*I like New Amsterdam gin. It comes in a pretty bottle, is good quality and is pretty inexpensive.

So easy, just throw it all in your ice cream maker and freeze it. It takes a little longer than ice cream would, b/c of the alcohol and all, but it's well worth the wait.

You can also garnish with lime zest and/or a lime wedge. This only matters on the first round. After that, nobody will care.